horological machine n°1

horlogical machine n°1



Horological Machine N°1 is a highly innovative and totally original timepiece. HM1 features the world’s first movement with four barrels connected in both parallel and series, as well as the first wristwatch movement to have the energy transmitted to the regulating system from two sources simultaneously.

The three-dimensionality of the case and the sophisticated multi-strata of the dial both captivate the eye and challenge the mind. Within that structure beats a movement like no other: 376 parts, 81 functional jewels, 4 mainspring barrels, 7-day power reserve and an elevated central tourbillon.

Look deeper and you will discover that Horological Machine N°1 is more than a meticulously hand-crafted work of art, more than an intricate masterpiece of micro-engineering: it is a machine epitomizing the incredible passion and enthusiasm its collective of Friends dedicated to its creation.


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Florian Courbat
François Bernhard
Philippe Loup
Dominique Mainier
Denis Garcia
Ian Skellern
Georges Veisy
Maximilian Büsser
Eric Giroud
Isabelle Chillier
Stephen McDonnell
Maarten van der Ende
Guillaume Schmitz
Alban Thomas
Patrick Lété
Isabelle Vaudaux
Stewart Lesemann
Laurent Besse
Frédéric Legendre
Peter Speake-Marin
Jacques-Adrien Rochat
Stéphane Balet
Cyril Fallet
Serge Kriknoff
Didier Dumas
Pierre Chillier
Régis Golay
Bertrand Jeunet
Gérald Moulière
Denis Parel
Estelle Tonelli




Black PVD coated 18K White Gold
Limited edition of 10 pieces


18K Red Gold
Limited edition of 10 pieces


18K White Gold, Silver/Ruthenium dial


18K Red Gold, Ruthenium/Silver dial


18K White Gold, Ruthenium/Silver dial


18K Red Gold, Silver/Ruthenium dial

specs & manual

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  • Available in either 18K White Gold, 18K Red Gold, and Black PVD 18K White Gold.
  • Dimensions: length 41mm, width 64mm, height 14mm.
  • Number of parts: 48.


  • Raised central one-minute tourbillon, separate hours and minutes, 7-day power reserve.
  • Balance oscillating at 28,800 bph.
  • Automatic winding. 22K Gold Battle Axe winding rotor.
  • Four mainspring barrels in parallel.
  • Number of jewels: 81 (all functional).
  • Number of parts: 376 (including jewels).


  • Hours and minutes on separate dials, power reserve indicator, tourbillon.


  • Available in either Silver/Ruthenium (Silver) or Ruthenium/Silver (Dark Grey) or open (HM1-Black and HM1-RS).
  • Hour and Minute bridges in sapphire crystal.

Sapphire crystals

  • Dial side with anti-reflective treatment on both faces, display back with anti-reflective treatment on single face.



Horological Machine No1 is delivered with a black hand-stitched alligator strap with a 18K Gold custom designed deployment clasp.

A bespoke pin-striped flannel and leather Etro carry bag holds the Wenge timber and leather presentation case.

set the time

Your watch is equipped with an automatic movement. If it has stopped, give the winding-crown (in the push position) a few turns clockwise.

The winding-crown has 2 positions:

1 Push position = normal position for wearing the watch.

2 Pull position = position for setting the time. Pull the winding-crown all the way out and turn the hands clockwise to set the desired time.
Then, don’t forget to push back the winding-crown against the case.

change straps

1 - Remove the screw on the right-hand lug by turning anticlockwise with the supplied dynamometric screwdriver.

2 - Remove the screw on the left-hand lug by turning anticlockwise with the supplied dynamometric screwdriver.

3 - Push the central pin out from between the strap and the lugs and remove the strap. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other side of the case.

4 - Place the new strap between the lugs and slide the central pin through lugs and strap.

5 - Screw-in the left and right-hand screws into the lugs by turning the dynamometric screwdriver in a clockwise direction. Take care not to force or over-tighten screws. Repeat steps 4-5 on the other side of the case.