A parallel Worlds

Thursday December 31 2009 / MB&F

2009 was a turning point in many people’s lives and for many companies. It was a defining year due to the global economic uncertainty and difficulties; a year that helped us better understand what is important for each of us and on whom we could count.

Clearly it is in tough times that you recognize your real friends and for a company that incorporates the word “Friends” in its name that was very important.

I learned last month in South East Asia that MB&F was often referred to as “My Brothers and Friends”, which truly conveyed the spirit.
Indeed, we all worked much harder, we stuck together, we battled side by side, and because of that we finished the year stronger and more serene. 2010 sees MB&F prepared to launch the most exhilarating creative year of our existence.

We wish you all a 2010 filled with a festival of amazement, smiling complicities, strong brotherhood and crazy dreams coming true !

With our warmest regards, Max Büsser

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Maximilian Büsser