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Sunday November 26 2006 / Art & Design


Vidya Gastaldon

My girlfriend told me about a young artist she had just discovered with elation in her voice so I was most interested to learn more about her. That is how my relation with Vidya Gastaldon began.

What struck me when I first discovered Vidya’s work was its prodigious imaginary dimension. I was nearly overwhelmed with emotion when I realised the depth of talent in her work.

We acquired some of Vidya’s oeuvre, in order to live daily with the worlds she suggests and to give them time to reveal themselves in their own time. My enthusiasm grew and grew; it is the sort of artistic work which discloses its many facets when one takes the time to contemplate it over slowly.

Vidya Roue Karmique

Due to the choice of the media used, the light plasticity seen is inversely proportional to the strength emanating from Vidya’s work. That is what makes it a real artistic gem. The best way I can define her art is elegance; when the characteristics of elegance are delicacy, coherence and simplicity.


Coherence does not only exist as an intrinsic part Vidya' art, but also between her personality and her work. It is this that gives the latter its great sincerity.


I cannot say here what this work brings me: that is far too intimate. I can only recommend that you take the time to look at Vidya's art for yourself. Let it fill you and reveal itself.

Here are a few of Vidya's favourite quotes:

Chaque mouvement particulier était une variante du mouvement universel; chaque forme, le symbole du rapport que noue avec le cosmos l'être que cette forme définit. Le même mouvement se répercutait comme l'écho du Fiat Primordial a travers la multitude innombrable des formes. Et ce mouvement était la pulsation de cet effluve dont le nom humain était joie. Charles Duits " le pays de l'éclairement "

La plupart des gens qui cherchent l'expression de soi sont en réalité absorbés par l'intérêt pour soi. L'artiste célèbre ou non, appartient à cette catégorie. C'est le soi qui est cause de la fragmentation. Quand le soi est absent, il y a perception. La perception est action, et c'est cela la beauté. je suis certain que le sculpteur qui a sculpté Mahesta Murti a Elephanta l'a crée par sa méditation.
Avant que vous ne mettiez la main a une pierre ou a un poême, l'état doit être celui de la méditation. L'inspiration ne doit pas venir du "je".
La beauté, c'est l'abandon total du soi, et avec l'absence totale du soi, il y a "cela". Nous, nous essayons de saisir "cela" sans l'absence du soi; dés lors, la création devient une chose vulgaire.
Krishnamurti " Tradition et Révolution" 29 dec 1970.

"All things are ready, if our minds be so. "King Henry V" William Shakespeare


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Designer Eric Giroud has been working closely with Max Büsser on the Horological Machine No.1 project since its inception. Eric is an architect by training and a designer by profession. Here he shares with us his thoughts on one of his favourite artists, Vidya Gastaldon. Vidya was born in France and now lives and works in Geneva.

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