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Tuesday September 4 2007 / Science & Technology

Basis do not build “price-point products” where the reason for being is to fill a necessary product category at a certain price. Their goal is to provide music-lovers with products that will perform as highly as possible, identically in every environment, year after year.

The turntable is the foundation —the basis—of any phono system and the phono system is the basis of any audio system.

The purity of any audio system is limited by the integrity of the input signal - as they say, garbage in, garbage out - and the turntable is where it all starts. Without proper engineering at the source, the battle is lost. Information missed or distorted at source cannot be corrected further along the chain.

Isolating the turntable from the listening environment is crucial for maximum reproduction. Anything less than total isolation reduces the turntable to an expensive tone control, with the sound coloured by feedback and inefficient transfer of energy between turntable and tone arm.

The self-contained Resonance Annihilator on the Basis turntable isolates it from vibration - in fact it neutralizes the vibrational energy by transforming it into heat energy which is efficiently and effectively dissipated.

The movement of MB&F's Horological Machine No.2 shares design cues with the stunning Basis turntables. Perhapsthat should not be surprisingly as both are high performance machines.

Basis have been making state of the art turntables for over 20 years and if there was ever any doubt of just how stunning the form follows function philosophy can be, Basis lays it to rest.


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Ian Skellern