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Saturday March 10 2007 / Science & Technology


Hervé Jaubert is the creator of Exomos, which makes some of the most technologically-advanced submersibles on the planet. As a naval and mechanical engineer from the French Naval Academy with extensive diving experience, Hervé has always been attracted by the sea. He is driven to create innovative submarines that open up an ocean of possibility and deliver childhood wonder to 21st century grown-up men, and delivering childhood wonder is a goal MB&F salutes and encourages.

The Stingray for one person

Exomos is a pioneering company with one vision - to create the most technologically advanced submarine accessible to anyone for unforgettable experiences in shallow waters, the submarines are backed by extensive testing and research, and brought to life with unprecedented ingenuity.

The Mantaray for two people


Or the Adventurer for three . . . in comfort!

And Exomos do much much more. Check out www.exomos.com to see their complete range of submersibles and to choose the colour you want yours in.

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Ian Skellern