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Monday July 28 2008 / A Little Levity

Over the last few years extreme kayakers have started paddling free-falling over ever higher vertical drops.


Professional photographer Lucas Gilman took this breathtaking picture of professional US kayaker Pat Keller plummeting straight over the cliff face at La Paz Waterfall in Costa Rica at high speed. Mr Keller escaped with only a broken hand - fractured when he hit the water at the bottom of the 120ft (36.5m) fall.


Extreme kayaker Tao Berman setting a world record drop.

"When these professionals are freefalling they want to be in the Oregon Tuck, with a curved back," says Paul Robertson, brand manager of Dagger Europe. The paddle presents another potential liability. "It should be parallel to the kayak so that it isn't blown out of their hands - and doesn't break their nose or dislocate their shoulder on impact."

Impressive stuff indeed, but we'll leave it to the pros thank you!

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Photographs by Lucas Gilman

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