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Monday August 11 2008 / Horology - MB&F

  There is an excellent article on Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and his company Agenhor by Elizabeth Doerr in the July 2008 edition of iW (International Watch) magazine. 

Although he has been a highly respected and prominent figure in the Swiss horological industry for decades, Wiederrecht and his company Agenhor were practially unknown to the general public a year ago due to the fact that they worked for brands (who usually preferred to take all credit for themselves).

HM2 movement

That all changed late 2007 when two major events served to bring Wiederrecht the notice of a much larger audience: the first was being awarded the inaugural prize for best watchmaker at the prestigious 2007 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève - you can see more of that here - and the second was the unveiling of MB&F’s Horological Machine No.2,a project in which Wiederrecht was the principle watchmaker (and you can learn more about that here)

Agile Agenhor

Click ‘Agile_Agenhor.pdf’ to download the iW article and ‘Friends’ behind Horological Machine No.2’ for the complete list of people involved in the project.

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