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Sunday May 2 2010 / Art & Design

Every year 250 tons of sand are transported to Rorschach, by Lake Constance/Bodensee in the north of Switzerland, for an international sand sculpture festival.

Ten international teams of two artists compete against each other and form the sand into impressive, enormous sculptures. The teams are selected from official quailfying competitions held all over the world.

It's seldom that viewers are able to get such an in-depth glimpse into how such works of art are made. After 6 days when the sculptures are finished, a jury makes its decision and awards the prizes.

Only the provided sand and water can be used for the sculptures. No power tools, binding agents or molds/forms/templates.

Depending on the weather, the sculptures remain standing for about 4 weeks after the competition.

The Rules of Sand Sculpting - and yes, there are strict rules

1. SAND: Sculptors are required to spray to protect their sculpture prior to judging. Sculptors are allowed in the plot to spray the finished sculpture at any time. (weather screen will be provided). Materials are sand and water only. No decorative materials or binders may be added. Only sand within the sculptor´s assigned plot may be used.
2. WATER: Water troughs and buckets will be provided. Buckets may be filled prior to the start but must be set outside the plot.
3. PLOT: Sculpture must remain inside the designated plot boundaries. Plots will be assigned to sculptors in advance of the event. All trash must be disposed of and each sculptor is responsible for cleaning up their own site. A minimum public thoroughfare of six feet / two meters must be maintained at all times around your site.
4. FORMS: *ll forms must be removed prior to judging. No sculptured form of any kind may be used. The entire sculpture must be finished 360 degrees in the round . All formed sand must be altered by hand. Forms can be placed and left on the plot prior to start. Forms will be provided by the event.
5. TOOLS: No powered equipment of machinery is allowed in the plot.*Sculptors must provide their own sculpting tools. Shovels and rakes will be provided. (Tampers will be in short supply). Please bring your own shovels and rakes, if possible. No templates or sculptured forms of any kind may be used.
6. HOURS:*Work start and stop times are not flexible. .
7. SIGNAGE: You must display a Title Sign of your piece prior to judging.(It can be prefabricated or carved in sand). Sculptors cannot display advertising, personal marketing, or sponsorship signage. Sculptor team names and nationality signs will be provided. Flag Etiquette is to be followed. The top flag on your tallest pole will be that of your host country.
8. HELPERS: Helpers cannot enter the sculptor´s plot except to assist with placing the forms.

Rorschach International Sand Sculpture Festival 7th - 14th August 2010. Exhibits until approx. mid-September 2010

For more information: www.st.gallen-bodensee.ch www.worldchampionshipofsandsculpting.com

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Ian Skellern