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Sunday November 26 2006 / Science & Technology

A couple of months later, Tony invited me over to see and try out the car for myself and I just couldn’t resist. I jumped onto a plane and drove up to Warwickshire to learn more about their operation and their cars.

While in the world of watchmaking it is still (just) possible to innovate and sustain a brand with relatively little means and much talent, this scenario has long disappeared in the world of motoring. Practically all small independent car-makers have gone bankrupt or were forced to sell out to major conglomerates.

Blue Marcos

The prohibitive costs of homologation, security and technology are practically impossible to sustain without humongous investments. Today, virtually only a handful of rebel entrepreneurs are still bold enough to dare the system, and practically all of them are in the UK: Ascari, Noble, TVR and Marcos. Names many of you may never have heard of; however, names capable of creating some of the most thrilling driving machines in the world.

Inside Marcos

So, when a young successful entrepreneur like Tony Stelliga decides to not only reinvest a large part of his recently made fortune, but also to dedicate his life into reinventing Marcos, we might all salute.

For more information about Marcos, please visit their website

For an interesting New York Times article on Marcos, please click on the image below to download the pdf file.


Maximilian Büsser
Red Marcos

Early in 2005, while reading a short article about the future relaunch of a mythical UK sports car brand, Marcos, I discovered a small image of the first prototype called the TSO. Curious to learn more about such a daring venture I sent off an email requesting a little more information. What a surprise when the new CEO of Marcos, Tony Stelliga, replied personally !

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