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Thursday February 5 2009 / Horology - MB&F

Watch of the Year

MB&F is honoured to announce that the prestigious Japanese horological magazine, World Wristwatch Time Spec, has awarded their 2008 prize for most 'Unique Design' to MB&F's Horological Machine No.2.


MB&F's mechanical sculptures are as much works of art as a testimony to incredible craftsmanship.


Design is an intrinsic part of the MB&F creative process, where every element from case to engine is designed as a piece of mechanical art, so, for one of our avant-garde three dimensional horological machines to be recognized by the world's most demanding market is high praise indeed.


Thank you again to the judges at World Wristwatch Time Spec.

For more on MB&F's HM2 please check out the HM2 section on this website.

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Ian Skellern