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Thursday January 1 2009 / Art & Design

A splash colour to launch the new year!

The National Geographic magazine hold an international competion each year to select what their judges deem to be the best photos in a number of catagories.

Photo and caption by Matthew Parker. Places: Honorable mention

This is a shot of the traditional fishing boats on Phi Phi Island, Thailand. They are now turned into taxi boats, after the increased popularity of the island after the movie "The Beach" was filmed there. I like how the boats still maintain their traditional vividly colored ties.

Photo and caption by Cabell Cox. Places: Winner

On a recent visit to a small town on the Brazilian and Bolivian border, I found this man tending to a field of burning debris and vegetation at dusk. Something as mundane as this may seem a daily, routine chore for one man, while offering a symbolic portrait of tranquil repose to another.

Photo and caption by Stephen Oachs. Nature: Winner

The incredibly beautiful snow leopard, Panthera uncia, is indigenous to the mountains of Central Asia. Their dense coats and snowshoe-like paws are ideally suited for their cold, dry, rocky native environment. These shy, elusive cats, when fully grown, weigh up to 120 pounds and nose to tip of their very thick, furry tails measure up to 7 and a half feet long. Sadly, these phenomenal cats are an endangered species. This photograph was taken on a private reserve in Kalispell, Montana.

Photo and caption by Andrew Wong.    Nature: Honorable Mention

Dolphins are known to jump out the back of big waves as they break against the shores. This pod of bottlenose dolphins was leisurely surfing in the waves as the offshore wind blew against the incoming waves, creating an atmosphere that was most unique and magical. At a place called Waterfall Bluff in the Transkei, South Africa.

You can view all of the results in a larger size at  National Geographic 2008 photo contest winners.

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