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Sunday November 22 2009 / Art & Design - A Little Levity

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen (who we first featured on APW in 2007) traveled to Antarctica to take underwater photographs of leopard seals. When he arrived, he and his guide were greeted by the largest leopard seal (4 metres long) either of them had ever seen.

Pail Nicklen
                                                                                          Photograph by Paul Nicklen

Leopard seals are the only known seals to regularly hunt warm-blooded prey

When he entered the water, the savage seal immediately took Paul's camera and entire head into her mouth . . .  but then something changed. The video below tells the fascinating story.

For more information on stunning images of Paul Nicklen's encounters in Antarctia, plase visit ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2006/11/leopard-seals/nicklen-photography

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Ian Skellern