A parallel Worlds

Thursday May 31 2007 / MB&F

has published an excellent article about MB&F on the French language horological website www.horlogerie-suisse.com.

Now, while this may be interesting news for the French speakers among you, it does present a not inconsiderable comprehension barrier to the rest.

However, do not despair! For those of you have not yet sampled the delights of on-line automatic translation software such as Google Translate, this may be may be a golden opportunity.

You can either copy/paste the text into the 'Translate' box (not forgetting to choose the languages), or even easier with a page like this, simply copy/paste the url of the article url - into the Translate a Web Page box (again, not forgetting to select the languages).

I predict that you will not only learn something from the article, you will also have a smile on your face from a few of the 'Lost in Translation' words and phrases. :-)

Suggested by
Ian Skellern