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Saturday December 16 2006 / Horology

Yes, this is the real thing! Romain not only designed and developed his own beautiful and innovative mechanical movement, he also machined practically all of the parts himself working nights and week-ends on borrowed CNC machines.


And did I mention that at only 31 years old, Romain is now taking on the watchmaking world with the introduction of his own brand? What he may lack (at present) in commercial, marketing and PR connections, he more than makes up for with vision, drive, talent, passion and having his feet planted firmly on solid "Vallée de Joux" ground.

Every year a smattering of new watch brands appear... and, as quickly, disappear. Most are simply opportunistic business ventures with no soul.


What Romain Gauthier has already achieved is remarkable and speaks for itself; this is what high-end horology should be about. To discover more about this remarkable young man, please click here to read Ian Skellern's article on Romain and his first wristwatch collection.

Maximilian Büsser


Romain Gauthier

I met Romain Gauthier by chance a few weeks ago, and was curious to confirm my - very favourable - first impressions. To that end, I recently drove up to Le Sentier in the Vallée de Joux to meet both Romain and his watchmaker, Sebastien, in their newly refurbished atelier.

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Ian Skellern