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Monday December 1 2008 / MB&F

Jack Forster, horological journalist par excellence - and occasional contributor to Parallel World -  has written and published an excellent in depth article on MB&F's newly presented HM3 in the latest issue of Revolution magazine titled -  Stargazing: Horological Machine No. 3 from MB&F.


The article opens with with . . .

MB&F –Maximilian Büsser and Friends –might have as its motto, “The Impossible Is Our Business.
Since the advent of the first Horological Machine three years ago, it’s become increasingly clear that the man behind some of the most inventive watches ever seen (including some of the most successful of the Harry Winston Rare Timepieces “Opus” series) has hit on a winning combination of unique vision and dynamic collaboration.

There are so many reasons for expecting what MB&F does to not work –after all, the technical challenges alone in building what are essentially entirely new three dimensional, horologically themed kinetic works of art every year might be expected to result in the sort of delays or worse, vaporware product announcements which have become all too frequent an inevitable sequel to many of the most highly touted new complications.


In at least one instance in Maximilian Büsser’s own career, the iceberg of technical challenge was one upon which a much-lauded and highly anticipated project ran aground: Opus 3, which was created under Büsser’s auspices at Harry Winston, indeed proved to be a Watch Too Far, and though there have been persistent rumors over the years of its imminent completion, so far a successful implementation of Vianney Halter’s vision and Maximilian Büsser’s daring has yet to emerge.

To read on, you can access the full article on www.horomundi.com by clicking  Stargazing: Horological Machine No. 3 from MB&F.

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