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Sunday December 4 2011 / Science & Technology

We all know the benefits of a great night's sleep, but a busy lifestyle can sometimes get in the way of our recommended nightly amount of shut-eye.

Studies into the science of sleep have often revealed that a short sleep during the day can help to accelerate the recovery process our bodies go through when we’re out for the count.

Even as little as 15 to 20 minutes out of our busy day – or a power nap as it’s more commonly known – has been scientifically proven to restore us.

Benefits of a power nap include reduced stress levels, increased energy and stamina, reduced risk of heart disease, improved cognitive and reflex performance, better mood and emotional state, improved alertness, renewed motivation, greater capacity to learn as well as clearer thinking and acuity.

One way of catching up on some much needed 40 winks is Salvador Dali’s supposed way of getting in a sneaky snooze in the middle of the day.  The story goes that the surrealist painter would put a metal pan on the floor and doze off in his chair holding a metal spoon above the pan. When he fell asleep, his hand would loosen, the spoon would drop and the clattering noise would consequently wake him up.

Dali apparently swore by this briefest of sleeps to get his creative juices flowing and, judging by his body of work, having plenty of dreams to inspire him didn’t seem to do the eccentric artist any harm (or then again, maybe it did).

But for those of you stuck in the office without an armchair, spoon and pan, the good news is that there is another way to help your body recover itself to its full potential, even if your ideal period of nighttime sleep is falling short. 

Led by directors Jon Gray and Paul Grindrod, British company Podtime have developed a unique sleep pod that allows firms’ staff and even their clients to enjoy the undoubted benefits of an afternoon nap.

Original and innovative, the Podtime sleep pod has a wide range of uses but essentially offers a sanctuary for rest in an otherwise busy environment.

Basically a cylinder with squared ends, the pod looks pretty modest from the outside but on the inside it’s a veritable haven for the sleep-deprived among us.

The stock model comes with a quality, fitted vinyl covered foam mattress or a standard single mattress as well as alarm clock, digital radio and iPod dock, headphones, coat hanger, storage shelf, storage rack and mirror.

Open ventilation at each end means every pod has good air circulation and a fresh and roomy feel inside.

The doors come in tinted, frosted or solid finish, and are lockable to keep your things safe whilst you relax.

In fact, the easy-to-assemble pods are designed for modular construction and can be stacked up to two levels high for economy of space. And if there is a large turnover of occupants, not to worry, the pods are easily cleaned and maintained as well as being strong and robust.

And for those that are looking for the five-star pod experience, additional options are available including TV, DVD and leather covered mattress.

And the cost? Well, depending on how much you value a good snooze, the price seems pretty reasonable: The standard pod is £1695 excluding VAT, though this reduces for multiple orders to be as low as £975.

So say goodbye to this and hello to . . . .

For more information on this great idea, please visit www.podtime.co.uk/

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