A parallel Worlds

Sunday June 20 2010 / Art & Design

Paper used to be considered to be the primary medium for a writer's  artistic expression; however, thoses times are long gone. These days scribes use computers and even e-ink to develop, record and distrubute their ideas.

There is though something very special about using “physical” paper that digital methods cannot replicate canvas - doodling just isn't the same unless its on paper.

But we should never forget just how flexible  medium paper is. I isn't only writers who can use it to express their ideas, but painters and sculptors as well.

This incredible installation by Japanese artist Itou, the result of over four years of hard work,is complete with electrical lights and a moving train - all made of paper! Called, "The Castle On the Ocean", it is on display at Umihotaru, between Tokyo City and Chiba Prefecture

The Golden Swan by le Creativ Sweatshop

For more images and information, please visit /www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/05/29/the-beauty-of-paper-art/

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Ian Skellern