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Sunday May 23 2010 / Science & Technology

Even its most passionate fans would have a hard time describing Reality TV as anything more than mindless entertainment, and the word "webcam" is more often a synonym for voyeurism than education. But that changed in 2004, when Doug Carrick, of Hornby Island, BC, Canada, received permission to install - while the birds were away - a video camera for scientific and educational purposes.

Carrick first edited and distributed the footage via video tapes, then in  2006 he began streaming live.

View the live webcam of Hornby Island Eagles in nest
(if screen is black it is probably night time).

It has been said that these are among the most watched live Internet streaming webcams anywhere.

The Hornby Eagles of Hornby Island, British Columbia are year-round residents of the island, leaving only to follow the salmon runs in late August; they return to their territory by early October.

This is the eagles 20th year of nesting.  They have produced 17 eaglets to date.  Assuming they were 6 years of age before their first year of nesting, they are now approximately 26 years of old.  The oldest recorded age for eagles in the wild is 30 years.

Hornby Island is a small island on the west coast of British Columbia.  It is located at the northern end of the Georgia Strait, a wonderful climatic zone between the 8,000-foot Coast Range Mountains and the 6,000-foot Vancouver Island Range – a trough providing a rain-shadow of lower precipitation.  The Island Range also provides protection from Pacific storms.

For more information: www.wildearth.tv/static/wildearth/channels/we_hornby_eagles.htmlwww.hornbyisland.net/eagles.html, www.facebook.com/pages/Hornby-Eagles/

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