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Sunday April 20 2008 / Science & Technology

Out of TriRod’s workshop has emerged possibly the most disruptive technology to hit the motorcycle world in decades.

Here's how the company defines itself:

Some live life on the sidelines, watching others take chances. Others seem to just fall in line and do what is asked of them. We at Trirod aren’t those kinds of people. We are designers, engineers, and gearheads from Southern California that have issues with authority and aren’t afraid to cross the line.

Our vision is to combine the passion of motorcycling with the shear exhilaration of racing into provocative and compelling products. We are driven to redefine how people experience ‘the thrill of the open road’.

Our design philosophy centers on form and function having an equal and symbiotic relationship. It’s a matter of combining art and engineering so that neither has to compromise. We believe that is accomplished best by a minimalistic approach that highlights the core mechanical components as design features.

The F3 Adrenaline™ was designed with the kind of forward thinking normally reserved for concept cars and the racetrack.

From the fully adjustable Penske Racing shocks to the soft compound – low profile tires, every component is designed to make this vehicle go faster, stop sooner, and corner harder.

The F3 Adrenaline™ is geared for those who live life full throttle and love the thrill a machine and the road can offer. Now that's something we can relate to here at Our World.

For more information, please check out www.trirodmotorcycles.com

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