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Sunday March 25 2007 / Art & Design

For lovers of diving and snorkeling , the jewel-like islands of the Maldives, with their incredible underwater landscapes of trippingly coloured coral populated with kaleidoscopic fish just a stones-throw from the hotel room, are hard to beat; it doesn't get much better than that.

Well it didn't, until . . .

poseidon c

Bruce Jones, the president of U.S. Submarines, is best known for building ultra-luxurious bespoke submarines for the rich and famous. You may have thought he had spent enough time underwater; however, helping people to visit the watery realm is no longer enough, Bruce now wants to help you live there! His next project is the Poseidon Mystery Island: the world’s first major underwater hotel resort which is due to open (launch?) in Fiji late 2008.

Instead of stepping into the elevator and going up to their rooms, guests at the resort head down to the opulent suites, revolving restaurant and spa treatment rooms.

poseidon b

Naturally from a man who builds submarines for a living, there will be a 16-passenger luxury submersible for those that wish to explore the ocean life closer up without getting wet.

Poseidon is already taking bookings for the $1,500/night suites, and if don't want to share you can always book the whole place for a week for a cool $3,000,000. I wonder if that includes all you can drink?

Rock stars are warned that they throw TV's through the window at their own risk!

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Ian Skellern