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Friday June 6 2008 / Art & Design

The word 'Pilobolus' initially referred to a sun-loving fungus, however, since they performed at the "2007 Academy Awards" and on "Oprah", 'Pilobolus' has become synonomous with inventive and provocative shadow dancing.

While Pilobolus has attracted a lot of high-profile media attention in the last couple of years, the Washington-based dance troupe was formed in 1971 and is approaching its 4th decade.

Today Pilobolus is recognized as a major American dance company of international influence.

The company remains a deeply collaborative effort with an executive director, three artistic directors and seven dancers contributing to one of the most popular and varied repertoires in the field.

Their many decades of consistent artistic activity stand as a testament to the group's remarkable fruitfulness and longevity.

For more information please check out www.pilobolus.com

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Estelle Tonelli