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Monday April 2 2007 / Horology

The Control Board on the back of the 201 features: an Oil Change indicator notifying the owner a service is due; a 100 year plus indicator, the world's first horological odometer, keeping track of the total time of use for over a 100 years; and URWERK's signature Fine Tuning screw allowing the wear to adjust the rate to suit their life style.

For more information on this amazing timepiece, visit www.URWERK.com and/or read Wei Koh’s superb interview with Felix and Martin by clicking here.

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URWERK create the sort of horology that gets my pulse racing !

Maximilian Büsser

the Baumgartner-Frei tandem create another masterpiece!

Felix Baumgartner (left) and Martin Frei

In a few years, I predict that one will look back and see that the world of high-end horology is divided into two periods: 'before URWERK' and 'after URWERK'. I was fortunate to meet Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei during Basel 2003 when they presented to me the first prototype of their UR-103 (at the time I was managing director of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces)

It hit me hard. . . very, very hard!

I felt it was a truly incredible timepiece. Although not many others appeared to share my perspective at the time, URWERK had clearly opened a door that no one had even thought existed before.

That initial amazing meeting was the beginning of a formidable adventure which culminated in URWERK making the sensational Opus 5 for Harry Winston: a timepiece which made a huge impact on contemporary high-end watchmaking; and a watch which, I have admit, I am very proud of.

Today, two years later, the URWERK duo bring us the 201 “Hammerhead”. An amazing creation which mixes the DNA of the 103 and the Opus 5 and indicates the time in a (literally) revolutionary way with revolving and rotating satellites featuring retractable telescopic minute hands.

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Ian Skellern