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Sunday October 3 2010 / Science & Technology - A Little Levity

Antennas and aerials are usually placed as high as possible so that their transmissions are distributed as far as possible with the fewest masts and towers. 

To get as high as possible for the least amount of work and expense, engineers usually make full use of existing tall buildings, hills and mountains, or the topography of the countryside.

But sometimes you have any of the above and have to create attitude with a high mast.

Sometimes you need a very high mast.

Sometimes you need a very, very high mast.

And sometimes somebody has to go up the mast to fix something.

324m/1063'  = The Eiffel Tower
443m/1453'  = The Empire State Building
539m/1768' = the mast in the video below

An elevator takes the two climbers to 488m/1,600', which leaves a short assent of only 51m/167'.

How hard can an 8 minute climb of just 51m/167' possibly be?

We recommend you grab yourself a cup of coffee and find out. It is well worth watching to the very end.

Suggested by
Maximilian Büsser