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Sunday July 10 2011 / Science & Technology

Friends of MB&F looking to unleash their inner Jacques Cousteau might consider one of these U.S. Submarines’ underwater gems - there's one to suit every multi-millionare's budget.

The American company claims to have developed the world's first luxurious personal submarines, capable of taking you and your entourage in perfect comfort to unchartered regions of the deep ocean and take in the spectacular views of the undersea world.

Most of these submarines have large, panoramic viewports providing mesmerizing views of the fascinating denizens of the deep, all while relaxing in an interior that smacks of a luxury yacht, including a fully equipped galley (so don't forget the personal chef) and, in their larger vessels, deluxe staterooms!

The higher end vessels are powered by turbocharged marine diesels on the surface and most have an extended surface range and are capable of diving to depths of 305m/ 1,000'.

So if the champagne is spilling due to choppy seas on the surface, just baton down the hatches and dive down far below those pesky waves to cruise in air-conditioned comfort.

What’s more, battery capacity and air support systems are such that the makers claim you can stay submerged for days at a time.

So, if you want to join the likes of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, movie director James Cameron or Russian oil magnate and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich – who all reportedly have personal submarines – it’s just a case of finding the petty cash needed to own of these deep sea pearls.

The luxury submarine series starts with the the Triton 1000– a snip at around $2.5 million and the vehicles gradually get bigger and more luxurious up to the flagship the Phoenix 1000, which would set you back a mere US$78 million. So you know what to ask Father Christmas for this year.

For more about U.S. Submarines’ luxury range, please visit U.S. Submarines and Triton Submarines.

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