A parallel Worlds

Sunday January 30 2011 / Art & Design

Edward Horsford describes himself as a creative, a designer, a photographer and a technologist living in London, who likes to  hack, break, and make.

And Edward likes to take photos of water-filled balloons bursting.

The photos are snapped at the point of explosion when the balloon's skin breaks open.

The result appear to show the impossible of a hand or hands holding an obedient ball of gravity-defying water.

Horsford explains that the camera is the least important part of the shots, the trick is in the timing of the flash.

He sets a timer on his camera, which takes a relatively long exposure of around two seconds and then hopes that his sound-triggered flash fires within that time.

When it all come together the results are sensational.

We cannot help but image where all of that water ends up once gravity reasserts itself!

For more images and information, please visit http://edwardhorsford.com/

Suggested by
Maximilian Büsser