A parallel Worlds

Tuesday January 16 2007 / Art & Design

To paraphrase Goldilocks, getting it, 'not too white, not too black, but just right.'

My toast sea-saws every day between plain raw bread and burning charcol; every morning is a lottery!

It appears that I am not the only one needing a bit of help with breakfast because a very clever company called Inventables has come up with a toaster with glass sides so that you can see exactly when to stop the heat.


The concept is based on transparent heating glass; however, there's the rub. Unfortunately, for the moment at least, it is just that: a concept. They have not yet managed to get enough heat out of the glass to brown toast so you can put your credit cards away for a while. And you will want to wait until they can do two slices of bread; who ever has just one piece of toast?

Suggested by
Ian Skellern