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Sunday March 7 2010 / Art & Design

Women in Paris 3 October – 2 November 2009

Having presented his portraits of women in Brazil, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, India, Belgium, Britain and other countries, young French artist, JR, is showing the whole of his «Women» exhibition for the first time.

The exhibition has been conceived as a journey through Paris in the open air. Visitors can see it on foot, on bicycle or by riverboat.

After «Portraits of a Generation», inspired by events in the suburbs of Paris, and «Face 2Face» (featured on A Parallel World), which was displayed in the Middle East, «Women» is the third phase of the 28 Millimetre project, taking its name from the wide-angle lens that requires the photographer to be only centimetres from the model in order to take the portrait.

WOMEN grew out of many pictures and few words. JR’s words were necessary, of course, to convince more than 70 women around the world to take part in the project. JR went to meet those living in the shadows, the real pillars of their societies despite daily violence, wars or simply discrimination. His desire to shift certain limits by using unusual places allows him to deal with subjects in the news in an innovative way. From 3 October to 2 November, through thiis exhibition and a book, people will learn all about this adventure that took JR to ten countries on four continents.

Trailer for the film, "Women are heroes"

For more information, please visit www.womenareheroes-paris.net

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Maximilian Büsser