Dear Friends,
Only a week before Baselworld 2011 and at MB&F it's all hands on deck! The rebellious Laurent Picciotto, renowned watch guru and famed Parisian retailer, is helping us to launch the new HM3 ReBel - Right hand, Black case - a Horological Machine for the right wrist. Most, if not all, MB&F owners are rebels in one way or another, but those who are attracted to the HM3 ReBel are likely to tend towards the 'dark side'.

On a lighter and brighter note, we are very pleased to announce that Charris Yadigaroglou has joined our horological rebellion as Head of Communication. Charris is a very welcome addition to our little dream team in Geneva and he will be with us at Baselworld March 23rd to 31st.  The Game is afoot!

James Dean was a Hollywood Rebel Without a Cause; Billy Idol had a Rebel Yell; Star Wars had its Rebel Alliance; and now MB&F pokes the watchmaking establishment firmly in the eye with the HM3 ReBel.



And like all true rebels, nothing on the HM3 ReBel is quite as it first appears, especially when you take a closer look behind its nonchalantly cool facade. Under the ReBel's open black leather jacket - or to be more precise, its black PVD treated white gold case - charcoal coloured movement plates and bridges form a darkened backdrop to the resplendent flash of the 22k gold rotor as it speeds by, while white gold clover-head screws on top of the black case resemble rivets in an upmarket biker's leather jacket.

We think James Dean would have liked it; Billy Idol would have yelled about it; and the Rebel Alliance would have fought for it.

The HM3 ReBel is a very limited edition of 18 pieces available exclusively - to those who are fast enough - in just 13 cities around the world. You can download the full press release and images from here

After an extremely successful twenty-year career, ranging from communication manager at Piaget, head of Grey Communication Switzerland for ten years and Marketing Vice President of Kempinski hotels, Charris Yadigaroglou has left the corporate world to join our small horological Concept Lab.

We are extremely happy to welcome Charris as MB&F's Head of Communication and are looking forward to developing more ways to excite our passionate community of Friends.

For the second year, Urwerk, Christophe Claret, Peter Speake-Marin and MB&F are very happy to be presenting our new creations together as the Dream Factory at Baselworld from March 23rd to 31st.

If you are in Basel then, please do not hesitate to come and discover us at the Palace Hall (opposite the Ramada hotel).

To make an appointment please contact

Our Facebook page continues to go from strength to strength and our vibrant community of nearly 9,000 Friends is rapidly growing. This is the place to discuss, learn and share experiences regarding MB&F. You can join in by visiting and clicking 'Like'

In June 2010, a crew of six men: three Russians, one French, an Italian and a Chinese, began spending 520 days in the cramped and claustrophobic conditions of a special facility in Moscow to gather data for a future Mars expedition. On the 15th of February they 'landed' on Mars and the cosmonauts wore specially modified lightweight spacesuits for a 40-minute simulated walk.

Organizers at the European Space Agency and Russia's Institute of Biomedical Problems hope the project will shed light on the physical and psychological effects of the long isolation that future Mars astronauts will experience. For more information, please click to visit our Blog, A Parallel World

The MB&F rebellion continues - in both state of mind and in unbridled creativity. Please stay tuned because we have much more in store!
With our very best regards,

Maximilian Büsser
Owner & Chief Creative Officer

March 2011 /