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At MB&F, the month of June was graced by the launch of our Piece Unique for the Only Watch charity auction: an emotionally-charged HM4, piloted by... a solid gold panda bear! The piece was unveiled on June 1st, during The PuristS' IGOTT conference in Las Vegas. The fantastic feedback from both the press and the public worldwide will help engage and inspire people around the delicate subject of children suffering.

While our panda toured the world, the rest of the team kept very busy... To keep you in the loop, this newsletter's topics include a Swiss retailer in Costa Rica, a Chocolate Frog sold exclusively online, and submarines with a luxury twist. Find out more below.

For those of you who may not have heard about the event, "Only Watch" is a high-calibre charity auction organised every two years in Monaco, bringing together 40 of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands. The auction funds research into a terrible disease that steals the lives of children: Duchenne muscular dystrophy. MB&F participated in 2009 and is back again in 2011 for a simple reason: there is nothing worse in life than seeing a child suffer!

For the auction's 2009 edition, we had transformed one of our HM2's with Californian artist Sage Vaughn to make a shocking statement - and engage everyone to act. In 2011 we have collaborated with a young Chinese artist, Huang Hankang - and we want to deliver another strong message, describing the only way sick children can currently escape from the disease: through their dreams.


Most kids have a recurrent dream: the dream of FLYING. As a child, you probably experienced it yourself... but for some strange reason, we lose that dream as adults.

To bring the dream to life, MB&F provides an airplane: the HM4 Thunderbolt... The idea therefore came naturally to Huang Hankang: why not use HM4 to transport children in their dreams? Symbolised by a handcrafted white gold panda, the child guides the Machine with reins made of twisted gold filaments, and flies towards a smiling dream world...

The piece unique will soon embark on the Only Watch World Tour of 10 cities, ending with the auction in Monaco on the 23rd of September, under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II.

For all details regarding the auction itself, organised by Antiquorum, please go to the following page:

Find the full press release and images here

In our last newsletter, we mentioned signing up several new retail partners during the Basel fair. Another one of those new friends is Michael Hossli. As a young man, Michael left Switzerland to discover Central America - and he liked what he found so much, he decided to stay! He now lives in Costa Rica, where he has become an ambassador of Swiss watchmaking.

Michael is passionate about horology - like us, he considers watchmaking as an art and has accordingly designed his boutique as a showcase of artistic creations. His boutique is one of the few luxury watch retailers in Costa Rica, representing many prestigious brands.

We are very happy to have MB&F represented by Hossli Jewelers - who becomes our 18th retail partner in the world.

In 2011 the famous watch enthusiasts' community "The PuristS" celebrate their tenth anniversary and MB&F is honoured that the HM3 Chocolate Frog was the first timepiece selected to honour the occasion. The Chocolate Frog is a world first for MB&F, demonstrating the deep relationship between our Concept Lab and The PuristS, as it is the first model created specifically for a third party. A limited edition of only 10 pieces, it features a unique chocolate PVD-coated Grade 5 titanium case and a 22k red gold "battle axe" automatic winding rotor.

Until the end of July, HM3 Chocolate Frog is available exclusively through and it is our way of saying thank you to this passionate community which has supported us (and all small independents) so actively and with such fantastic enthusiasm over the years.

If you're interested in our Chocolate Frog, do not hesitate to send an email to Anthony Tsai, General Manager of The PuristS:

In a few days, precisely on July 25th, we'll be celebrating our 6th birthday. Six years of intense horological creativity, collaboration and fun - with all the ups and downs that go along with any crazy adventure. Every one of those years was jam-packed with its own fair share of action, so on one hand it seems like MB&F has been around much longer... but on the other hand, time has flown by - and there's so much more to look forward to!

Our Friends - including you - have made the ride so worthwhile; we wouldn't trade those six years for anything. We'll never repeat it enough, thanks so much for your continuous feedback, enthusiasm and support!

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Titanic director James Cameron and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich all have something in common besides their healthy bank balances: they are all reported to own personal submarines.

This week our blog, A Parallel World, takes a fish-eye view at the ultimate in underwater transport offered by the American company U.S. Submarines, including their Seattle 1000 model which comes complete with a luxury yachtesque interior and deluxe staterooms – all for a cool US$78 million! To learn more, please visit A Parallel World.

With the arrival of Summer, some might think we're preparing to sit back and relax a bit... but not quite! Among other big projects, we're actively working on the launch of our much-expected fifth Machine, which will be presented at the beginning of October... Stay tuned.

With our very best regards,

Maximilian Büsser
Owner & Chief Creative Officer

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