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dear friend, welcome to our first MB&F quarterly newsletter

And we have lots of news to share as MB&F goes from strength to strength: an all-new website; a new partner in Serge Kriknoff who joins as COO; the recent launch of HM1-Ti, a limited edition titanium version of HM1; and our move to new offices in the heart of Geneva’s beautiful old section of the city.

new website

We are very happy to announce that our completely new website is now online at
Why a new website when we have received much praise for the previous site? Well, the new website is now mainly based on HTML instead of full Flash and this allows easier viewing over a wider range of screen sizes and optimised loading times. Plus, our new site architecture features much improved navigation.

website screenshots
website screenshots

The new website also integrates our Parallel World Blog (previously known as Our World), as well as a new section called In the Press.

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In the Press is a regularly updated multi-language library featuring an easily searchable selection of articles covering MB&F from around the world.

horological machines update

After two years of painstaking preparation, 2007 was the year when MB&F finally gave birth to their first project and the 30th HM1 was delivered just before Christmas. All were mechanically sound and their passionate new owners are fast becoming MB&F’s best spokesmen. Meanwhile, in November Horological Machine No2 was unveiled on a whistle-stop world tour and delivery of the first fifty pieces has already taken place.
I take this opportunity to thank all those of you who have followed our Creative Label over the last 20 months and for your enthusiastic messages of support. Even though the backlog is still very high, we are now able to craft two to three HM1s and seven to eight HM2s a month.

We have been testing prototypes of HM3 and are pleased to announce that they have proved very reliable. Thus encouraged, we expect to present our new creation late this year and start delivering HM3 early 2009.

The new limited edition HM1-Ti

the new limited edition HM1-Ti

During the Swiss watch fairs earlier this year we presented a very exclusive 10-piece limited edition of Horological Machine N°1 in titanium. This rare model is known as HM1-Ti and features an open dial exposing the stunning dial-side of the movement. First delivery of HM1-Ti is scheduled for July.
For more information on this model, please click here to download the HM1-Ti press release

Currently more than 160 Horological Machines are on order and the aim is to achieve delivery of 130 in 2008. With the arrival of Serge Kriknoff, new models in the pipeline and the move to more spacious premises in downtown Geneva, the stage is set for 2008 to be the start of the most exciting chapter yet in MB&F’s extraordinary story.


We trust that our new website will meet your approval and we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions so we can continue to improve.

Until next time,
With our very best regards,

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