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MB&F november Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The 2009 Basel Fair finished three weeks ago and we are still reeling from the incredible enthusiasm generated by our presence in The Watch Factory (a group of 12 independent horological creators exhibiting together, many presenting for the first time). In 18 years of exhibiting at the Basel Fair, I have never experienced such positive energy and drive!

We took the occasion to present the whole MB&F range, as well to unveil the “Final Editions” of Horological Machine N°1 (more on those below). March and April saw the delivery of the first Ceramic HM2 pieces and May will see the first HM3 come out of our quality control process.

Although we have decided to invest in our timepieces and website rather than printed catalogues, I know that for some of you, nothing beats a hard copy. For those I recommend downloading and printing GMT magazine’s comprehensive 16 page article on MB&F from our website or click here (PDF 3.2Mo).

This newsletter finishes with the latest article featured on our popular blog A Parallel World, which is now attracting over 500 visitors a day! Please feel free to share any news with us that you feel might interest MB&F’s diverse group of "Friends". If it fits in the philosophy of the Blog and MB&F, we will be very happy to feature it and acknowledge who sent it in.


In 2007, MB&F started crafting the first Horological Machine N°1 (HM1): a groundbreaking wristwatch that both launched MB&F and introduced the world to the then radical concept of three-dimensional kinetic sculpture as timekeeping machines. To pay homage to the end of this pivotal model, we have crafted two very striking final variations, each in a very limited series of only ten pieces: HM1-Black and HM1-RS.


HM1-Black (limited edition 10 pieces)

HM1-Black offers deep contrasts with its white gold case shrouded by a veil of coal-black PVD. The subdued dark, though eye-catching in itself, offers the perfect foil for the burst of light that radiates from the dial. The blackened tourbillon cage encourages the eye to glide past and into the 365 hand-finished parts of its movement, while the bright blue of both the hands and the solid gold rotor provide brilliant splashes of colour.


HM1-RS (limited edition 10 pieces)

features a red gold case that highlights the architecturally inspired and artistically sculptured three-dimensional case, and an intriguing transparent dial allows visual access to the top of the meticulously finished movement. The dial is ‘intriguing’ because, depending on the angle of view, it can change from being completely transparent to acting as a highly reflective now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t mirror.

hm1 engine

A quick recap of the HM1 Engine

The first movement ever to be developed following the structure of a human being, with four barrels - two on each side acting as the lungs - transmitting their energy from each side to the central regulating system, which is a raised tourbillon - the heart receiving oxygen from both lungs - which in turn sends information to the hands (hours on the left and minutes on the right).

Amazing features of the HM1 engine include an off-centered “battle ax” solid gold rotor to fuel the engine, eccentric cones for accurate casing, and torsion bars to ensure rigidity in all situations. More information on our website.

in the press

World renowned Swiss horological magazine GMT ran a 16-page feature on MB&F (PDF 3.2Mo) and we feel that it is comprehensive enough to substitute as our catalogue; and that enables us to concentrate our efforts on our “machines” not our marketing. In the feature there are articles on MB&F, HM1, HM2 and HM3, as well as an interview with yours truly. And there are also great images of the watches plus the Friends of HM2 and HM3. You can download the feature from In The Press by clicking GMT.

a parallel world
a parallel world

Our Blog this week features the intriguing PUMA - Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility - from GM and Segway. While the original Segway is still trying to break out of its niche market, the PUMA may well be the blockbuster both Segway and GM need to turn the economic page. While it may look like a sidecar broken loose from the motorbike, the PUMA uses little energy and is very environmentally friendly. Perhaps it isn’t ideal for driving over Swiss mountain passes, but it may well be a good alternative to a bicycle or moped in our over-crowded cities.

To learn more about the PUMA and much more on our Blog, please visit A Parallel World.


Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of all the “Friends” involved in MB&F, the coming months should see us crafting approximately two HM1s, four HM2s and five HM3s per month. That may be a drop in the ocean of high-end horology, but it is quite a feat in the light of the complexity and craftsmanship involved in our timepieces. So again, my heartfelt thanks to all of those participating in our incredible creative adventure!

Our next newsletter will see the unveiling of the first creation in what we are calling "The Friends Editions". This will be an emotionally-charged one-off Horological Machine created specifically for the "Only Watch" charity auction. Until then we wish you all the very best, and of course do not hesitate to contact us (just reply to this email) if you have any questions.

With our very best regards,

maximilian büsser

Maximilian Büsser
Founder & CEO

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