Dear Friends,

2010 is drawing to a close but what a year it has been. At the beginning of year we promised that 2010 would be an epic one for our small Concept Lab and with the very successful launches of HM4 Thunderbolt, HM3 Frog and the JWLRYMACHINE, we hope you will agree that we delivered on that promise. For that we thank all of the Friends who made it possible.

In this Newsletter we feature JWLRYMACHINE, a collaboration of Boucheron and MB&F, HM3 on stage at Colette in Paris, a new Chinese language option on our website, the first MB&F Corner Space at Europe Watch store in Macau and, on A Parallel World, ARES, the world's first extraterrestrial plane.

On the 5th of October the venerable 152-year-old House of Boucheron and MB&F unveiled the colourful JWLRYMACHINE, which is an astonishing haute-joaillerie version of Horological Machine N°3.

Boucheron's highly-skilled artisans have transformed HM3 into a stunning three-dimensional jewelled owl, its eyes large glowing cabochons set over the twin cones, and with its pavé-set diamond wrapped protectively around HM3's precious engine. The glowing eyes, sparkling wings and softly gleaming breast create a carefully choreographed play of light. But most mesmerising of all: beneath the owl’s breast, its heart appears to be beating. The visual illusion is created by the faintly perceived swings of MB&F’s solid-gold battle-axe-shaped rotor beneath the translucent stone.

This amazing creation is the third in our series of “Performance Art” pieces, which began with a Sage Vaughn and then Alain Silberstein. The philosophy behind our “Performance Art” pieces is that collaborations between MB&F and artists, designers, and jewellers we admire and respect, will result in radical creations that neither party would or could have created on their own. These are real performances, in the full artistic sense of the term.

JWLRYMACHINE is available in two versions: Purple with 18K white gold, titanium, amethyst, diamonds and sapphires; and Pink with 18K pink gold, titanium, quartz and diamonds.


A small Chinese pictogram on the left hand side of our home page menu is the entry to a completely new traditional Chinese version of the MB&F website. This is our second language after English and it will be followed by more in the coming months, enabling more of our Friends to discover MB&F in their own language.

We are honored that Colette, the famous Parisian concept store that has redefined the word “edgy”, has chosen to exhibit Horological Machine No3, which it considers one of the most interesting pieces of contemporary horology available. This is MB&F's second time to have been given the thumbs up by Colette, as they selected HM2 in 2008. Since its opening in 1997, Colette has been THE place in Paris for cutting-edge fashion, design, food, beauty, music, publishing and hi-tech.

MB&F is proud to have opened our first ever Corner Space at the stunning new Europe Watch store in Macau. This is the first step of developments to come with Jeffery Yau, the store's very dynamic young owner and a great friend of the MB&F Concept Lab. Since the launch of its first boutique in Kowloon in 1997, the Europe Watch Company now has expanded to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Macau. MB&F is pleased to call them Friend.

Our A Parallel World Blog currently features ARES, an autonomous powered airplane project. Nothing special about that you might say (with reason) until you learn that the plane is designed to fly on Mars! You can learn more about this exciting project by clicking ARES, the first plane designed to fly on another planet!

And if you have not already, please check out our Facebook page, it's going from strength to strength with well over 7,000 Fans.
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This year is coming soon to an end, and with it comes the building anticipation of what we will reveal in 2011. Every time the MB&F team achieves one ambitious goal, it gives us the energy, the motivation and the desire to reach for yet another – you can call us adrenaline junkies!

We wish you all the very best for the last months of this year and are looking forward to catching up at the beginning of 2011 for a new chapter in our adventures.

With our very best regards,

Maximilian Büsser
Owner & Chief Creative Officer

November 2010 /

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