Dear Friends,

WOW – it’s March already... I think I’ll never really get used to the beginning of the year, marked by the two major international watch fairs: SIHH Geneva in January and Baselworld in March. When we get through those two events it’s already April and a quarter of the year has zipped past…

By the way, our first participation within the prestigious and very exclusive SIHH was incredibly positive, exceeding our most optimistic expectations. Read on to discover the two pieces we unveiled at the fair!

You certainly remember the original HM6 Space Pirate, launched in November 2014 in a titanium case, followed by a red gold version last year. The Space Pirate is arguably our most radical Machine to date; it created shockwaves throughout the watch world… and won the 2015 “Red Dot: Best of the Best” award.

Technically, you could say the new HM6 ‘SV’ is a mere variation of the existing HM6… but it’s an extreme variation indeed, which totally changes the character of this Machine. The Space Pirate’s previous titanium or red gold armour has given way to a crystal-clear sapphire shell: an intricate composition of no less than 11 sapphire crystal domes, encircled by a streamlined case band in 18K red gold or platinum 950.

Why the sapphire case? Simply because to us, even though the organically-curved external shell of the HM6 is impressive, the real star of the show has always been the movement inside : a calibre that looks like no other, entirely conceived from scratch. Regulated by a central 60-second flying tourbillon, it features revolving hour and minute spheres and “shock absorber” turbines linked to the powerful winding rotor. A total of nearly 500 finely-finished components which deserved to be seen… now made possible thanks to sapphire crystal!

As you certainly know, sapphire crystal is one of the hardest materials on earth. To craft it, you need diamond-tipped tools and an incredibly intensive combination of ultra-precise CNC machining and delicate manual work… To manufacture a single HM6 SV case, we invest on average about 350 hours – the equivalent of 2 months of working days! The two editions are understandably very limited: just 10 pieces each.

Judging by the amount of coverage during and after SIHH, it’s fair to say that our new roboclock was one of the most popular guys at the show. Sherman is once again the result of a collaboration between MB&F – who developed the concept and design – and L’Epée 1839, the last remaining high-end clock manufacture in Switzerland, who take care of the engineering and manufacturing. This is our fourth collaboration with L’Epée, since Sherman follows in the footsteps of the science-fiction inspired ‘Starfleet Machine’, his older robot-brother ‘Melchior’, and the spider-like ‘Arachnophobia’.

Sherman does just two things… but he does both extremely well. First, he’ll give you the time; precisely, and with a full 8 days of power reserve, more than enough to get you comfortably through the week. But his real superpower is a much rarer feature: he’ll make you smile. Probably the most precious complication ever…

Sherman is available in two limited editions of 200 pieces each in palladium- or gold-plated brass; or diamond-set versions of each color, limited to 50 pieces each. Have a look at the short video and experience his superpower for yourself :)

Baselworld starts next week – with the opening Press Day on Wednesday, March 16th, right through Thursday, March 24th. If you’re planning to attend and would like an appointment, please contact us right away. The agenda is packed but we’ll do our very best to find a slot for you!

Like previous years, we’ll be in the nonconformist Palace Hall, headquarters of many independent brands and justifiably considered one of the most creative parts of Baselworld. And we have a bunch of very cool neighbours in our wing this year: among others, our talented friends Kari Voutilainen and Stepan Sarpaneva, the Grönefeld brothers, Fiona Krüger, Alberto and his powerful Loupe System… lots of positive vibes :)

During the fair we’ll be unveiling several new ‘Performance Art’ pieces; those special collaborations when we invite an external artist or designer to reinterpret an existing MB&F Machine... Stay tuned!

If you unfortunately can’t make it to Basel, you can of course get the latest news through our Facebook and Instagram accounts – but if you want a more “behind the scenes” glimpse of what’s going on inside the fair, don’t hesitate to follow us on our recently launched Snapchat account (mbandf). As you’d expect from this new channel, we’ll be posting a mix of totally unrehearsed, off-the-cuff pics and videos.. to give you that 100% authentic view of Baselworld.

2016 will be another very active year : you can expect from us a steady flow of new wristwatches along with other co-creations like the ones you’ve seen with L’Epée. Also on the M.A.D.Gallery front, we’ll continue to introduce several new artists throughout the year. Not only in Geneva, where we just presented Jennifer Townley for example, but also at our M.A.D.Galleries in Taipei and – just opened – Dubai, in the wonderful new Alserkal area. Don’t hesitate to drop by if you’re in any of those cities !

With my best regards,
Maximilian Büsser
Owner & Creative Director
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