Dear Friends,

With the holiday season almost upon us, I’d like to begin by thanking you for your support in 2018 – we wouldn’t be where we are without you! The end of this year was as active as ever, with important news on all fronts: most recently for example, a striking Purple Edition of Legacy Machine No.2, but also an entirely new Horological Machine, a new clock with L’Epée 1839… and exciting developments for our M.A.D.Gallery network. Let’s get straight to it!

The biggest bang this year was undoubtedly Horological Machine No.9, revealed at the end of September. This Machine holds a special place in our story; it is the tenth Horological Machine to come out of our lab. Time sure does fly!

Aptly nicknamed HM9 ‘Flow’, the first thing you’ll notice when looking at it is the swooping curves – typical of automotive and aeronautic design of the 40s and 50s. A time when designers and engineers could only rely on their intuition (and aesthetic sense), since this was before wind tunnels and computers imposed their hard logic. While the design takes hints from the past, the manufacturing of this totally unconventional case required new manufacturing standards and techniques – including a patented three-dimensional gasket to ensure water resistance.

Inside the aerodynamic body and partially visible thanks to five sapphire crystals is the equally unconventional (and incredibly challenging!) HM9 engine. Specially designed in-house for this machine, it took us four years of development to complete; but that’s actually misleading. Without the accumulated experience of our previous Machines, HM9 would probably have required 10 years!

Take the two fully independent balance wheels and the planetary differential, for example: we had previously experimented with this ultra-rare regulating system for Legacy Machine No.2. The same goes for the vertical time display, achieved thanks to conical gears – used in Horological Machine No.6. Not to mention the insane case design, which benefitted from the experience gained with pieces like HM4 or HM6.

HM9 Flow is definitely one of our most radical creations ever, presented in two launch editions – ‘Road’ and ‘Air’ – of only 33 pieces each. Get the full story at our website, or have a look at the short video on our Youtube channel.

Our co-creation family has grown again with the addition of Grant. Just like his brother Sherman, Grant runs on caterpillar tracks and is named after a famous WW2 tank – and is the fourth robot to come from our collaboration with L’Epée 1839, the last remaining Swiss manufacture of high-end mechanical clocks.

Grant is equipped with a spinning disk in his left hand, a removable grenade launcher in his right hand (actually the winding key), and three rubber tracks to get him to wherever he needs. Unlike his robotic brothers however, he is able to change positions from lying horizontally, to crouching, to sitting up – a true transformer!

Grant may be badass, but don’t come to the conclusion that he’s all rough around the edges. Under his beautifully crafted armour, you’ll find the intricate 268-component movement keeping him going for up to 8 days between winds. 

Grant is available in three limited editions of 50 pieces each in Nickel, Black, and Blue. Discover more at, or see him in action on video.

As you may have already heard, the pre-owned watch market is gaining ground rapidly. But rather than taking a risk and buying from an unknown source without any assurance and warranty, you now have the possibility to purchase timepieces directly from our MB&F Certified Pre-Owned chapter.

But why buy directly from MB&F? Well, first off, you can rest assured that the Machine you are purchasing is authentic and hasn’t been stolen. Along with that, all of the Machines are thoroughly serviced, tested and refurbished, and come with a new strap. To top it all off, you get our two-year unconditional warranty – along with free worldwide shipping.

We only offer CPO pieces that are sold-out at our retailers. As different models come and go quickly, it’s best to check our website regularly – you can sign up there for alerts, and you can also let us know what you’re looking for. As I write this, we currently have available an LM1 M.A.D.Dubai and an HM4 Titanium; two rare Machines that you won’t find anywhere else!

Two major pieces of news have thrusted our M.A.D.Gallery network into turbo mode: we are now present in two of the world’s most famous shopping malls!

First, Dubai: the M.A.D. Gallery in Dubai – previously located in the Alserkal Avenue district – has just moved to the new Fashion Avenue extension of Dubai Mall. Operated by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons since 2016, this move is the start of a new page in the Gallery’s story. Building on the surprisingly rapid success and awareness of the previous location, it will continue to present mechanical and kinetic art from artists around the world, alongside our own MB&F Machines and co-creations.

Second, Hong Kong: with our retail partners Elegant Watches & Jewellery, we just opened a fourth M.A.D.Gallery in another world-famous mall, Harbour City’s Ocean Terminal. As you may know, this is quite simply one of, if not THE highest-traffic location in the world. If you’re ever in the area, make sure to stop by and dive into our world!

Once again, along with the entire MB&F crew, I thank you very, very warmly for your friendship and support throughout 2018. We wish you a fantastic new year!

Very best regards,
Maximilian Büsser
Owner & Creative Director