Dear Friends,

For this second newsletter of the year, I have a chance once again to demonstrate the somewhat schizophrenic creativity we LOVE at MB&F (sounds a bit frightening, doesn't it?)... jumping from LMX, a celebration of our more classic Legacy Machines, to one of the most insane Horological Machines we've ever dared to create: the HM9 'Sapphire Vision'. Ready for the ride? Read on!

10 years ago, after consecutively presenting four totally crazy Horological Machines, we unveiled a timepiece that surprised those who thought they knew what MB&F stood for. Legacy Machine No.1 was our more classic take on high-end mechanical watchmaking; at the time, I explained that LM1 was what I would have created a century ago, if I had been born in 1867 rather than 1967. It was also the first step of what became a very successful collection, winning no less than four awards at the GPHG / Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

In the short video above, I go over some of the highlights of the following Legacy Machines - a collection I am extremely proud of, with eight world-premiere calibres, each one developed from scratch. To take a few examples, LM Perpetual brought about a fundamental reengineering of the revered perpetual calendar complication. LM FlyingT embodied my vision of feminine watchmaking - my love letter to the women of my family. LM Thunderdome set a new world record with the dizzying speed of its TriAx mechanism... and so on.

A decade later, enter LMX, celebrating 10 years of Legacy Machines. LMX is an LM1 on steroids; it revisits and accentuates the most striking features of our first Legacy Machine. The first thing you'll notice under the sapphire dome are the fully independent dual time zones, materialised by two stretched lacquer dials... now inclined at 50 degrees thanks to conical gears. Floating above the dials, the flying balance wheel which has become the leitmotiv of our Legacy Machine collection - now upgraded with inertia blocks vs regulating screws (our watchmakers approve).

Last but definitely not least, the world-premiere vertical power reserve indicator we introduced with LM1 has been expanded into a three-dimensional, hemispherical indicator placed at 12 o'clock – and the entire display rotates, allowing you to choose between day-of-the week or numerical scales, counting down the impressive seven days of power reserve.

Inside the red gold or titanium case, an entirely new movement. Dial-side, the escapement, large wheels and polished arms of the straight bridges offer a first glimpse of the finely finished 367 components. Flip the LMX over and you'll see the new movement’s symmetrical construction, revealing the three barrels, gold chatons and bridges with polished bevels, internal angles and Geneva waves - all beautifully arranged in a radiating sunray pattern.
The LMX is available in two launch editions, in grade 5 titanium with blue-green CVD dial - limited to 33 pieces - or an 18k 5N+ red gold case with black NAC dial, limited to only 18 pieces. If you'd like to reserve one of the last remaining pieces, please contact one of our worldwide retailers or register at our eShop. Check out the LMX section of our website for the complete story, and have a look at the LMX in motion thanks to the video below.
By the way, if despite the LMX's appeal your heart remains with the LM1, our retail partner in New York Cellini has the last remaining LM1 in Platinum; go to our eShop for details.

Two years ago, we presented Horological Machine N°9, nicknamed HM9 ‘Flow’: a tribute to the amazing automotive and aeronautic designs of the 1940s and 50s. The result was a case like no other that echoed the epoch’s flowing, aerodynamic lines - the "Today We Talk About HM9" video below will give you more insights. At the time, even though HM9’s external looks probably caught most of your attention, I described the engine inside as one of the most beautiful movements we had created to date...

The logical next step was to encase those mechanics in a transparent shell… easier said than done! It took us the better part of two years, but we finally presented the ‘Sapphire Vision’ editions of HM9 - aka HM9-SV - in January, showcasing that HM9 engine I am so fond of.

So why did it take us two years to finally propose an HM9 case in sapphire crystal? The answer is simple: it was theoretically impossible. If you look closely at other sapphire cases, they are essentially composed of two flat slabs screwed together. The HM9 case is anything but flat – it’s all curves and bubbles. Thanks to our years of experience with complex sapphire crystals – and with the precious help of our specialised Friends – we were finally able to crack the conception, machining and polishing of a transparent HM9 case that stayed true to its flowing lines.

To make things even more challenging, the minimum requirement of any MB&F case is 30 metres of water resistance. HM9’s sapphire crystal hull is sealed with a proprietary combination of patented three-dimensional rubber gasket and high-tech compound bonding, mastered thanks to an in-house process involving a vacuum and high temperature.

The HM9 movement stars two fully independent balance wheels, each located in its own lateral pod. But the real brain is the central planetary differential, performing the delicate task of averaging the two distinct heartbeats into one coherent time-pulse. That pulse is delivered via conical gears to the vertical time display on a sapphire crystal dial, marked with Super-LumiNova. On the reverse, co-axial beneath each of the balances, you'll notice twin propellers... Two years after the initial HM9 ‘Air’ and ‘Road’ editions conquered land and sky, HM9-SV plunges to the depths of the ocean, like an exploratory vessel from Atlantis!

HM9 Sapphire Vision comes in four editions, each limited to only five pieces. As I write this, only a few remain available, to be delivered between now and next year... If you're interested, please contact your preferred retailer or register at our eShop.
In any case, have a look at the video below - you really need to see how the different materials and finishes play with light!

I miss you all more than ever, and hope that the approaching summer (in the northern hemisphere), combined with increased global vaccination efforts will help us get over the Covid-19 situation. I take this occasion to wish you and your loved ones the very best of health.

If the warmer temperatures are stimulating your creativity, I invite you to participate in our "Best Shots Challenge" on Instagram. It's simple: just post any images related to MB&F or our M.A.D.Gallery - photos, drawings, collages - and tag them with #mbandf / @mbandf. We put together a shortlist of the best shots every month, and the public - that's you! - then decides who wins. The prize changes every month; winners have received the "Flying Whale" by Korean artist Sang-yong Lee, our super-popular Robotoy watch stand, and the first prototype of our Robodog. Don't be shy, show us what you can do!

Take good care of yourself,
Maximilian Büsser
Owner & Creative Director