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If, like me, your youth involved hours and hours of pleasure playing table football you will applaud this new design-led approach to the classic table game by a collaboration of two Dutch companies - GRO design and Tim modelmakers. It's called simply '11' after the number of players on each side.

11 the beautiful game 08

"For many of us, table football is a game that is close to our hearts, holding cherished memories of our childhood and youth. Its popularity also reflects the passion and love that millions of people around the world share for 'the beautiful game' of football. " That sums it up for me!

11 the beautiful game

As an object the football table has lacked serious design attention in recent years. While new football stadiums built in recent years have a strong architectural and sculptural beauty, football tables remain less desirable objects as their cost-drive appearance no longer fits in with the designed landscape of modern interiors.

‘11’ breaks with this tradition by creating atmosphere through form, colour, material and subtle use of light, bringing a heightened sense of drama and excitement to the game. The table’s flowing lines express the dynamic aspect of football, while reducing unnecessary detail to allow the raw energy of the game to come to the fore.

The lines of players proved challenging. Machined from solid brass, the weight of each rod required the right bearing mechanism to allow the rods to rotate smoothly. Finished in bright-silver chrome required hours of polishing to achieve a perfect mirror finish, before finally ink filling the graphic details.

The model of the football table incorporates a number of lighting effects. This required not only finding the best lighting solution, but also writing software to enhance the experience of playing the game – showing the winning goal or restarting the game. Machining and polishing 22 players to a bright-silver chrome finish, incorporating working electronics and applying unique ink-filling techniques were just a few of the many challenges that required expertise and intense teamwork.

For more information, please visit www.eleventhegame.com

I want one!

Update 13th June 2009: '11 the Beautiful Game' is now in production and could be all yours for 38,500 euros.

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Maximilian Büsser