Wednesday April 18 2007 / MB&F

By leaving my job at Harry Winston and creating MB&F, some may think that I gained yet more control. In fact, the opposite happened; I virtually totally relinquished control in not having anyone working FOR me anymore,: instead they started working WITH me.
Someone told me recently that “real power is only acquired when you relinquish authority”; the power of motivating others; the power of encouraging others to work with you because they want to, and not because they have to.

By doing so, thanks to the phenomenal work of all the Friends in this adventure, we finally saw the result of our crazy dreams, our hard work and our tenacity, I must admit that seeing the result of this amazing teamwork moved me more than I would ever have expected.

So, what is Horological Machine No2 ? First, please allow me to keep a little mystery as the watch will only be released end of this year.
This exclusive preview is partly due to my irrepressible need to show-off this movement to the world, but also, to the get an important message across: MB&F is a Creative Label where each product will have its own genes – each creation will be completely different one from each other, whilst remaining “Machines”.

It is one thing saying it; and another is showing it. I think that the image of the HM2 movement should get that point across pretty clearly. Nevertheless, as with any father, I am as proud of my first child as of the second, even, or especially, if they have little in common !

Now, I must admit I was clearly bracing for criticism, when we unveiled Horological Machine No1, especially in conservative Europe. But, I never thought it would generate such a polarized reaction – It was either “I love it passionately” or “I hate this crazy stuff”. In fact, looking retrospectively, the reaction was totally normal.

Please let me tell you a small story which changed my perception of creativity: Eric Giroud, the designer and friend, with whom I work on our MB&F projects is, among other passions, a great amateur of Contemporary Art. In fact when I met him four years ago, I was starting to get interested in that field myself and so we started cruising a few galleries together.
I had not remarked that each time I would show him what I liked he would just nod.

And then one day he took me to what I would call an “underground” Art Gallery and showed me what made him tick… and I was shocked! “How on earth do you think I would put something like THAT in my sitting-room?” was the only dumb thing I could say.

Eric just smiled, and said “Well that is Art; what you have been showing me is Decoration. This artist did not think of your sitting room when he created his piece, he only thought of what he had in his guts, in his heart and in his mind, and transcribed it.

Real art is about transcribing and creating emotion, not about pleasing the larger masses”.

A year later, MB&F was officially created… and 10 months later, I was totally speechless when I finally held the first Machine in my hands. I hope you enjoy these images of my second child: HM2.

Maximilian Büsser
I have recently turned 40, and even though I have been previously married, I do not have any children. So when most of my friends around me in the last 10 - 15 years are oohing and aahing about how phenomenal it was to have your own child, and how incredibly awed they felt when they first received their baby in their arms, I would politely nod and smile … sighing inwardly and wondering how was it that father- or motherhood could transform what seemed like intelligent, balanced individuals into emotionally overflowing and blubbering marshmallows.

However, something very disconcerting and analogue is happening to me. I now find myself the gushingly proud father of two: two Horological Machines. Certainly, I have been involved in creating many wonderful timepieces at Jaeger-LeCoultre and Harry Winston; but it is just not the same.

But why? Why, when I first saw the initial assembly of the HM2 movement was I so in awe? Why did I want to run and show it to everyone, to send photos through the Internet to every person in my Outlook registry (and trust me there are a lot in there !) ?

How come such a normally self-controlled individual - as I feel I usually am -just loses it?

So when Ian Skellern asked me to write a few words to introduce the Horological Machine No2 movement, I had to step back for a moment and try to get to the core of my reactions. My first reasoning would have to come from the fact that I have been throughout my whole career a workaholic, adrenalin-addicted, control freak.

Control … that was what allowed me to create, to develop and to deliver.

Suggested by
Ian Skellern