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Sunday December 25 2011 / Science & Technology - Art & Design

It’s Christmas Day and all at MB&F hope that you have been having an enjoyable festive period and are looking forward to what the year ahead will offer.It is possible that you have already had the pleasure of opening a few gifts from those near and dear to you.

Perhaps  you are now the lucky owner of new bottle of aftershave, yet another tie and a pair (or ten) of those socks you always wanted - remember it's the thought that counts.

However, just imagine finding this little gem under the Christmas tree. A superb 1:3 scale model of a Ferrari 312 PB, built by telecoms engineer Pierre Scerri who devoted no fewer than 20,000 hours over 12 years to create it.

The Ferrari 312 PB was originally introduced by the Italian high-end carmaker in 1971 as part of the Ferrari P series of Prototype-Sports Cars, but was re-designated as a Group 5 Sports Car for 1972, winning all of the World Sportscar Championship races it entered that season.

Scerri was smitten and set himself the task of creating a 100 per cent accurate scaled-down replica. “When I was younger, I saw Ferrari in many races, and my dream was to get this Ferrari sound – this music – at home,” says Scerri of the inimitable Ferrari engine noise.

"I didn’t have the money to buy one so I had to make one.I wanted to make something
like a dream – a Ferrari which I could have in the dining room. That was the challenge I set myself and to achieve it I had to learn how to make everything in this car.

Scerri not only made every single part himself, but also had to make and design the mould for every single part. I took photos of the real car and made all my own drawings from these photoThat phase took three years. Then to build the actual car took me another 12 years.”

A model car so long in the making is no ordinary model car, and one of the reasons it took so long was because under the body of Scerri’s Ferrari miniature is a scaled down version of the original engine that purrs like only a Ferrari can purr.

I made the engine all by myself because I wanted to get the right sound,” he says. I needed a 12-cylinder, fuel-injected engine with a dry-sump. So I made everything myself down to the valves and the valve springs.

The engine in question is 100cc Flat-12, four-stroke internal combustion engine in a flat configuration, with 24 pistons.

If you want to know what it’s like to build a miniature version from scratch, watch this amazing video. Scerri took extra special time in tuning his engine so that it sounded like the full-scale model. And Scerri’s scale model even has a working gearbox that drives the wheels, boasting five forward gears and reverse.

"The car can run, we just need to find someone to drive it " says Scerri in reference to someone who will have to be no more than 50cm tall.

The Frenchman is now reportedly working on three new 1:3 scale models: A Ferrari 330 P4, another Ferrari 312PB and an engine for a Ferrari 250 GTO.

Time to start writing that Santa wish-list for next year!


Suggested by
Maximilian Büsser