Tuesday February 5 2008 / Art & Design

I discovered Sage Vaughn’s work in April 2007 during his inaugural European exhibition at the Bertrand & Gruner gallery in Geneva.
The exhibition’s title, “Wish you were here”, triggered an immediate flashback to the Pink Floyd album of the same name which had been so important to my teenager years.

Sage Vaughn

Sage’s work is really somewhat mysterious. A theme running through his art appears to be the tension between childhood innocence in the harsh reality of the real world; a tension enhanced by strange children in disguise. Sage creates an intricate and all encompassing world which amazes and captivates the viewer.

Playboys Sparrows, 2007, mixed media on canvas,
83 x 93 cm

I was much moved not only by Sage's creations but also by the questions they trigger. His phenomenal mastery of colour provides a rare depth and strength to his art.

Ruby Throats, 2007, mixed media on canvas, 83 x 93 cm

How can you not get lost in deep skies criss-crossed by butterflies, helicopters or even birds with LA Gang tattoos ?! It is an amazing mix.

'Sophie' 2007 Oil on paper, 122 x 68 cm

The last time Sage was in Geneva I had the good fortune to meet him and discovered a very endearing man in complete synchronicity with his art.

Sleepwalker, 2007, mixed media on canvas, 174 x 93 cm

You can download an excellent introduction and interview of Sage Vaughn by Jordan Tappis from Interview_Sage_Vaughn.pdf

Our World would like to thank Sébastien Bertrand and Romain Gruner of the Galerie Bertrand & Gruner in Geneva for their help in securing permission to publish the interview.

Suggested by
Ian Skellern