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Monday February 10 2014 / Art & Design - Horology - A Little Levity

In case you didn’t know, it’s Valentine’s Day this Friday.

For some, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your beloved exactly what they mean to you by buying them a card, a bouquet of flowers or a piece of jewellery… or all three.

For others, it’s an artificial construct of the 20th century, a consumerist ‘holiday’ designed by marketeers to guilt us into spending even more of our hard-earned cash.

Well, whatever your point of view, we have found a love-themed artistic creation for February 14th that should leave unashamed romantics cooing even more wildly while at the same time soliciting a reluctant gasp or two of admiration from even the most world-weary of cynics.

Dutch design studio Tjep., founded by Frank Tjepkema, have created these fantastic ‘clockwork’ hearts featuring carefully cut out gears made from gold-plated metal. 

The hearts are ‘clockwork’ only in name; the intricate cogs don’t actually mesh together to form any discernible geartrain.

Of course, the hearts aren’t about mechanical functionality, but just pure poetic beauty.

Tjep. launched the “Clockwork Love” collection in 2009, apparently basing it on two of their former works: Bling Bling, a gold-plated cross-shaped pendant consisting of several layers of overlapping logos, and Loveshield, a multi-layered heart pendant.

Tjep. displayed the first Clockwork Love gold pieces in Gallery Ra in Amsterdam in 2009, 8cm x 8cm (3.1” x 3.1”) creations.

A year later Tjep. created the Clockwork Love Paper collection for Gallery Ra, bigger pieces (16cm x 16cm, 6.3” x 6.3”) in white paper and acrylic.

And in 2011, Tjep. was invited by La Rinascente department store in Milan to create a Christmas window display, a sizeable (3m x 2m / 9’ 11” x 7’ 10”) white aluminium flying heart composed of mechanical gears that seem to be dropping from heaven like snowflakes.

Tjep. is currently selling a range of clockwork heart pieces – the flame-tastic Clockwork Love Burning; Clockwork Love Key, to unlock your beloved's heart; and the cupid-inspired Clockwork Love Wings.

They come in three different styles - gold-plated, black fusion bonded stainless steel and white fusion bonded stainless steel.

And in two different sizes (8 x 8cm / 3.1” x 3.1” and 3 x 3 cm / 1.2 “ x 1.2”) starting at around the €130 mark.

For more information, please visit Tjep.’s website:

Suggested by
Steven Rogers