Wednesday November 28 2007 / Science & Technology

The ENV began its life as a fuel cell technology demonstrator by Intelligent Energy and was launched to the world in March 2005. The subsequent global reaction to seeing a purpose-designed fuel cell application was overwhelming and the bike is undergoing intensive evaluation and development with a view to commercializing the technology.

ENV is the first bike designed from the ground up to use a fuel-cell. It is suitable for both on and off-road applications and can reach speeds of 80kms/hour with a range of around 4 hours or 160kms.

It should be an ideal virtually zero-emission form of flexible and fun commuter transport.

The detachable Core is a 1kw fuel-cell generator that provides power on demand and chargers a battery. The latter provides up to 6kw when needed e.g., hills or heavy acceleration.

The Core also incorporates the hydrogen storage as well as the feed/flow mechanisms.

Intelligent Energy, in collaboration with Boeing, have announced that they will develop and test the world's first fuel-cell powered aeroplane Fuel-cell powered flight

For more information please check out www.envbike.com and www.intelligent-energy.com

Suggested by
Ian Skellern