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Sunday August 22 2010 / Science & Technology - Art & Design - Horology

Steampunk is an oft abused term these days as every man and his gadget tries to jump on the fashionably retro-futuristic bandwagon; however, there is no doubting Japanese watchmaker, Haruo Suekichi's steampunk credentials. His timepieces are steampunk defined.If you are are sure what steampunk is, Suekichi's watches are it.

"Steampunk" is a sub-genre of the speculative science fiction popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes works set in a world where steam power is widely used—usually the 19th century  and often set in Victorian era England. Incorporating retro-futurism styles of fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells.

Leather, copper, technical-looking parts, tubes, dials, usual curves and impractical designs.Haruo Suekichi's  watches have it all!

From an interview in Ping magazine, " . . .  I made a watch for a guy with only one arm who couldn’t wear a watch at all before. When you slid in your arm, the watch on the arm snaps closed by itself. From that experience, I realised a watch can be any shape and it just opened up so many creative possibilities. I’m so spontaneous that whenever I think of something, every watch has an impulse behind it. The idea comes to me and I end up just forgetting about it because I’ve made so many."

Flashes of Jules Verne, influenced by Japanese manga comics, Suekichi’s finely crafted timepieces are the epitome of the futuristic vintage style that is steampunk .

Suggested by
Ian Skellern