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Monday November 26 2012 / Science & Technology - Entrepreneurs



Just check out this spectacular section of 'The Joy of Stats', a BBC Four programme presented by Rosling in which he explored statistics in a way that has never been done before – by using ‘augmented reality animation’.  

In this clip he tells the story of the world in 200 countries over 200 years using 120,000 numbers – all in a lightning four minutes.  

Plotting life expectancy against income for every country since 1810, Rosling shows how our world is radically different from the one most of us imagine.

After seeing Rosling’s superb delivery in this extract, you can see exactly why he won the 2011 Grierson Award for the Best British Science Documentary.

Not only that, but in 2012 he was included in Time magazine’s 100 most influential people list, no doubt partly due to his involvement in the Gapminder Foundation, of which Rosling is chairman and co-founder.

The Gapminder Foundation developed Trendalyzer, a software system that converts international statistics into moving, interactive graphics.

For more information, on Rosling’s ‘The Joy of Stats’ programme please and to follow him on Twitter, please Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling is the science teacher we all wish we had at school.

This dynamic Swede is a medical doctor, academic and statistician whose research has focused on disease and the links between economic development, agriculture, poverty and health.

Hans Rosling

Rosling is also an extremely accomplished communicator who manages to make statistics well and truly come to life.

His award-winning lectures combine rich quantities of public data with a sport's commentator's sense of urgency in order to piece together the story of the world's past, present and future development.

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