Sunday February 15 2009 / Art & Design

Design Blog Mocoloco is one of our favourites and is always up to date with the latest in the world of design.

We looked at some of their architectural picks earlier in the year and now we would like to share with you a few of their selection from the wild world of contemporary furniture design.

Liquid lamp

The Liquid Lamp (above) comes from designer Kouichi Okamotoat  Kyouei  He creates playful twists to ordinary objects. Each of his Liquid Bookmarks (below) is a hand made one-off  by the designer himself.

liquid bookmark


Catwalk (above) from Minim is a modular, LED-illuminated outdoor & indoor walkway system, providing "A more dramatic alternative to your standard brick walkway to the front door".

In daylight the modular steel and white polycarbonate structure has a clean rectilinear profile and resembles raised stepping stones over water, while at night the catwalk is self-illuminated by low power-sipping LED lights creating a ribbon of light with a subtle interplay of focused and diffused points of light.

Pool Table

Pool Table from FreshWest has a serene and calming quality. The coffee table is from 50mm acrylic with a miniature diving board and reflects and refracts light in such a way that it resembles a small, but real, swimming pool.

Zaza's Kitchen by Francis Rollin  illustrates the breadth of his talent. A mix of wooden cabinets is carefully crafted to preserve and highlight the unique wood grain and features a solid metal "track" lighting system, stone counter tops and custom molded drawer fronts that indicate what's lurking inside.

For more on the latest in funiture design, please visit Mocoloco Funiture

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Maximilian Büsser