Sunday April 12 2009 / Art & Design

At Chanel's Spring 2009 Couture Collection, Karl Lagerfeld showed the world that you could still have pure luxury without ostentatious displays of wealth.

His inspiration for the collection was very simple: “The idea was a white page,” Lagerfeld revealed. The paper theme was seen everywhere from the set design to the clothing and accessories,  and they drove home the message that true luxury is in the details, in the materials and in the thoughts and ideas behind it all.

The beautiful pieces were also made from paper by Katsuya Kamo, the Japanese hair stylist, and their detail is incredible. Kamo created these works of art using just plain paper (and a team of nimble fingered asssistants). Now working as a hair and makeup artist Kamo originally thought his career would be in fashion design (isn't it still?).

Kamo's creations, designed with Lagerfeld, were reminisient of whipped confections and birds in flight, reflecting his love of creating ambitious and breathtaking feathered pieces.

In fact, with their intricate details demanding so much attention, the headwear and ambitious set almost eclipsed the clothing itself.

Karl Lagerfeld talking about the economic crisis and the Chanel collection.

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Maximilian Büsser