Sunday May 10 2009 / Horology - MB&F

The 2009 Basel Fair finished three weeks ago and we are still reeling from the incredible enthusiasm generated by our presence in The Watch Factory (a group of 12 independent horological creators exhibiting together, many presenting for the first time).

Now that the hectic period that is Baselworld is past MB&F has just published their April 2009 newsletter to keep all of their Friends up to date with the latest news.

Max Büsser reported that in 18 years of exhibiting at the Basel Fairs he had never seen and experienced such positive energy and drive.   MB&F exhibited their range at Baselworld and the “Final Editions” of Horological Machine N°1.

In the Newletter there are details on downloading an excellent 16 page feature on MB&F by GMT magazine for those that really want to print off a

Recap of the fascinating HM1 Engine.

To view the full newsletter, please click MB&F April 2009 Newsletter

Suggested by
Ian Skellern