Thursday March 11 2010 / Horology - MB&F

At MB&F we have always considered our movements to be much more than simply out-of-sight-out-of-mind mechanisms to be hidden away inside a case.

Our movements are the high-performance Engines that power our three-dimensional Horological Machines and as such deserve their own place under the spotlight.

HM4 Engine

It is for that reason that we offer for your appreciation the latest Engine to come out of the MB&F garage, that for Horological Machine No. 4.

Horological Macine No. 3 movement

A lifetime of experience; three years of development; and untold blood, sweat & tears; however, we think that the results speak for themselves. Ladies & Gentlemen we give you the Engine of HM4.

HM4 engine

HM4 Engine

Live Long & Prosper!

Suggested by
Maximilian Büsser