Sunday July 12 2009 / Science & Technology - Art & Design

Located in Montreal’s Old Port, Müvbox offers a variety of dishes featuring lobster from Îles-de-la-Madeleine. Created from an old shipping container powered by solar energy, this concept is a modern-day reinvention of the old-fashioned canteen which creates an experience that’s environmentally-friendly, ethical and affordable.

Every night, Müvbox vanishes back into its cube, redeploying early the next morning in less than two minutes, at the touch of a button! Whether you are an Old Port regular or simply passing through, stop by and grab a bite in a modern, refined setting in a box that has been all over the world.

Over 25 years ago, founder and owner of the Pizzaiolle restaurants Daniel Noiseux brought the first wood stove pizza to Montreal. He is now breaking new ground with Müvbox. Passionate about all things extraordinary, this business man/restaurateur takes pride in bringing his wildest ideas to life for the greater dining pleasure of food lovers.

But to be honest, the best thing about Müvbox for thoses not living near Montreal is their excellent video!

Technical details:
Deployment: 1.5 minutes
Complete installation: 15 minutes
28 places, 14 of which are seated
3-4 employees when in use
Up to 40% energy self-sufficient, due to two solar panels

For more information, please visit www.movbox.com

Suggested by
Carlos Torres