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Tuesday September 1 2015 / Art & Design

As summer ends and leaves slowly turn from green to varying hues of yellow, orange and red, we celebrate the warm and earthy colours of fall with photos of some of the most stunningly pigmented places on earth.

Here are ten of the best places on earth to view nature in all of her seasonal glory.

Wednesday July 29 2015 / Science & Technology - Art & Design

A robot that moves, swims, pushes and carries objects might not sound like something so novel. For many, that's what robots should do.

But take that robot and trim it down to the size of a thumbnail, that's something.

And not having to make the robot, but have it fold itself into its miniature robotic form would be even better.

And just for good measure, how about if after completing its mission that the robot dissolved and disappeared?  

Presenting the latest invention from MIT: the origami robot.

Friday May 29 2015 / Science & Technology

A staple of science-fiction films is the mad scientist searching to perpetrate evil by controlling peoples' minds. 

However, back in the real world, there is a “mad” Brazilian scientist who has discovered a way to use brains to control robots. And for a good cause, one that helps people walk again.

Monday March 2 2015 / Science & Technology

In Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka takes a wide-eyed Charlie Bucket on a ride in his “great glass lift”.

“This isn't just an ordinary up-and-down lift!” declares Wonka proudly. “This lift can go sideways and longways and slantways and any other way you can think of!”

It turns out Wonka’s lift – dubbed the Wonkavator in the first movie adaptation – wasn't just the fruits of Dahl’s fertile imagination.

German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp have unveiled plans for their own omnidirectional lift – or elevator – called MULTI.

Monday February 2 2015 / Science & Technology - Art & Design

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has designed this fabulous glow-in-the-dark cycle path near Eindhoven, the Netherlands, to commemorate the life and work of Vincent van Gogh.

Inspired by the swirly brushstrokes and bright flashes that feature in the renowned painter’s oil-on-canvas classic The Starry Night, the one-kilometre bicycle path boasts 50,000 solar-powered, luminous stones embedded in the ground.

Monday January 19 2015 / Art & Design

For his exhibit entitled Fiction of the Fabricated Image, Korean artist Seon Ghi Bahk has cleverly repurposed small pieces of charcoal into remarkable suspended installations that explore the often-complicated yet interdependent relationship between natural and man-made environments.

While the hundreds of palm-sized pieces of burnt wood in Bahk’s artwork are of the natural world, the shapes that they form – after he suspends them from the venue ceiling using nylon thread – smack of a human-made environment: pillars, columns, stairs, arches and pagodas.

Monday January 5 2015 / Science & Technology - Art & Design

Moscow-based photographer Alexey Kljatov has garnered a well-justified reputation for his superb macro-photography of snowflakes. 

Kljatov’s photographic work reveals amazing, subtle details in the tiny flakes of crystalline ice that we rarely get to appreciate.

You might think that such cool shots – pun intended – involve an ultra-sophisticated, expensive set-up – but you would be surprised at the relative simplicity and low cost of Kljatov’s camera kit.

Monday December 22 2014 / Science & Technology - Art & Design - A Little Levity

Here’s something I bet many of you would like to find under your tree this Christmas: Anki DRIVE.

Described as “part toy, part video game, all out battle-racing action,” Anki DRIVE is an extreme car race that has taken the virtual gaming world and brought it to real life. Well, almost. This Scalextric set on steroids contains artificially intelligent muscle cars that not only steer themselves around a large, oval racetrack, but have built-in weapons capabilities to throw enemies off-course. And it can all play out on your living room floor.