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Monday September 2 2013 / Science & Technology

Cymatics is the study of vibration and visible sound. Cymatic phenomenon can be demonstrated by coating a surface – such as a plate or membrane – with particles, paste or liquid and then subjecting that surface to vibration.

The substance on the surface becomes excited and starts to form intricate, often symmetrical patterns as the surface distorts in a non-uniform way; change the frequency of the vibration and the patterns formed by the surface substance also change.

Monday August 19 2013 / A Little Levity

Every year, tourists flock to Maho Beach on the southern, Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, known locally as Sint Maarten.

With its pure white sand and crystal clear warm waves splashing on the seashore, it’s hardly surprising that Maho Beach has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, despite the odd hurricane over the years.

But it is not just the idyllic setting and exotic climate that makes Maho such an attraction. Right next to the beach, just a few metres away, is the Princess Juliana international airport. 

Monday August 12 2013 / Art & Design - A Little Levity

French artist Julien Berthier has designed a fabulous boat that looks like it is sinking – when actually the vessel is perfectly buoyant and seaworthy.

The cheeky design – which might be sailing a little too close to the wind as far as the coastguard is concerned – has left onlookers all at sea, not knowing whether to applaud the audacious creation, or call for emergency rescue.

Monday August 5 2013 / Art & Design - A Little Levity

August has arrived and for many of us that means the holiday/vacation season and perhaps even visiting new places.

While some of us will stay in pleasant yet ultimately functional accommodation to enjoy the appealing surroundings – the beach, for example – sometimes the accommodation itself can actually be the destination.

Monday July 29 2013 / Science & Technology

What do a sculpture, a pizza, a duck’s foot and a vending machine have in common? Well, these four seemingly disparate items have all recently been in the news because their creation – or planned creation – involves the marvels of 3D printing technology, a.k.a. additive manufacturing.

Monday July 22 2013 / Science & Technology

Those of you with surfing aspirations but that are unfortunately landlocked this summer – in countries like Switzerland, Belarus or the Czech Republic, for example – fret not, for here is something that should give you hope of riding a wave close to home at some point in the near future.

Wavegarden is a revolutionary man-made surfing lagoon generating perfectly formed tubing waves that can peel for more than 220m without losing power or shape, creating the longest artificial surfing wave around.

Monday June 17 2013 / Art & Design

Li Hongbo is a Chinese artist whose creations look, at first glance, like smart sculptures made from plaster or porcelain.

But get a little bit closer – touch them even – and you will see that all is not what it seems. For these artworks are in fact made from thousands of sheets of paper painstakingly cut, folded and glued together, which Li Hongbo then carves as if he was sculpting a block of wood.

Monday June 10 2013 / Science & Technology

While it might be a cliché to talk about ‘reinventing the wheel’, British designer Sam Pearce has done just that.

Sam has invented the loopwheel – a bicycle wheel with integrated suspension – and claims it offers a smoother, more comfortable bike ride compared with a conventional spoked wheel.